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Creating our new Designer Interior concepts

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From our iconic Boho Chic feel, to our modern Glass Tower look, Rohit Communities has been specializing in interior design for decades. By drawing inspiration from cultures all over the world, understanding our customers, and staying up to date on the latest trends, we work together to create magazine-worthy looks that allow your personality to shine through in your home! What are these professionally curated looks called? We call them Designer Interiors

With the creation and launch of our three new Designer Interior concepts, Refined Rebel, Fresh Woods, and Bauhaus Bold, we thought we’d do a deep dive into what it really takes to create the perfect Designer Interior! We sat down to interview our Director of Marketing, Amy Power, and our Head Interior Designer, Elena Moezzi, to pick their brain on the process behind creating our iconic Designer Interiors (DI’s)!

Why does Rohit Communities offer set DI’s that come standard with homes?

Amy: “Our Designer Interiors are our niche in the market. As a production home builder, we don’t believe that means you have to settle for a home that doesn’t showcase your unique style. But we also know our customer doesn’t always have the time to select each and every element of their homes finishes. So we’ve brought in the experts. Each Designer Interior is meticulously crafted by a team of Designers who know how each element will work together to really showcase the style.”  

What inspired the creation and launch of three new Designer Interior concepts this year? 

Amy: “As your Designer Homebuilder, we’re always staying on top of new design trends, and this year we wanted to bring some fresh new styles to our offerings. We also had an incredible talent join our team last year as an in-house designer: Elena, who comes with a wealth of knowledge, international experience and such an inspiring artistic flair. We really wanted to give her the freedom to innovate, rethink some of our assumptions, and really push the envelope and take it to the next level.”

Tell us who’s involved in the process from start to finish, and what collaboration must take place to make this a success.

Amy: “There are so many people involved in the process of bringing a Designer Interior to life. There’s the Designer of course who works with the marketing and sales teams to collect information on what our customers are looking for. Our product development and drafting team work to get it on paper. Then once we have a design, we bring in our procurement and production teams to actually source and order the materials. Our construction team who have to build it and work through the challenges with us on site as we have to change an element or a paint colour. And everyone has been so helpful and really excited to see it come to life. I have to give our trades and suppliers a shout out as well…we’ve asked them to do some really out-of-the-box things in these new styles and they have been right there innovating with us. It’s such a team effort, it makes it even more satisfying to see it come to fruition.”

What was the most exciting part of this project? 

Elena: “Before we start any construction phase we create working renderings of the project. Seeing the renderings the team worked on, come to life, is one of the most exciting parts of the project.”

What makes a Designer Interior a success to you? 

Elena: “The success of a Designer Interior is of course having our customers love living in their new Designer Home. Having them find a Designer Interior that evokes feelings of joy and excitement that make them feel like they belong. That’s success to me.”

So where can you learn more about Rohit’s Designer Interiors? 

We want your feedback to help us choose which two Designer Interior concepts will make the cut and be featured in our Fall Line-Up. To learn more about Rohit’s Designer Interiors, and click the link below to schedule your  exclusive tour.  

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