First Place Program

Make your first home a Rohit home

In partnership with the City of Edmonton, Rohit Communities is building townhomes for first time homebuyers in various neighbourhoods throughout the city. The First Place Program redefines home ownership by giving first time homebuyers the opportunity to enter the housing market with a financial advantage. Not to be mistaken with low income or subsidized housing, qualified buyers can have incomes up to $117,000 per annum, are looking for a value enhancing investment on their first home, and can defer land cost payments for five years interest-free, meaning more money goes towards your mortgage principal!

Developing the First Place Program in existing mature neighbourhoods includes several public consultations with community members in the surrounding area and architectural controls are held to the highest standards – the same that Rohit Communities would offer in any other development. By integrating each new development into the existing area, Rohit Communities will help breathe new life into each First Place community without compromising the character and feel of what has already been there for decades.

Find available First Place homes with Rohit Communities in the north Edmonton community of Belle Rive and in the southeast community of Michaels Park. Our Area Sales Manager, Maryssa Chung is also available to help answer any questions at 587-906-8585, or at

Do you qualify?

To be eligible for the First Place Program, you:

  • Must be able to qualify and obtain pre-approved financing – see your financial lending institution for more details.
  • Must be first time homebuyer in Alberta
  • Applicants must agree to be full time occupants and residents of the home for five years.
  • Must have a net personal worth less than $25,000, excluding a primary vehicle, locked-in or group RRSP and the down payment saved for the home
  • Must be a Canadian citizen or have permanent resident status.
  • Must be employed and have a combined income of less than $130,000. Combined income refers to those holding the mortgage and title to the home.
  • Applicants may use a “co-signer” to qualify for and obtain their first mortgage approval.
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