Caught Working Safe Music Video Stars

Rohit Communities is Doin’ Safety Right

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Doin’ Safety Right

Starting with a Music Video

Edmonton, Alberta: Rohit Communities re-launched its “Caught Working Safe” Program last week at a trades and vendor party with a new twist: a dancing and lip-syncing construction team. The Program which recognizes and rewards safe working practices started in 2013 and Rohit Communities wanted to take it to the next level. The result? A music video parody of *NSYNC’s “Bye Bye Bye” starring members of the Rohit team as a 90’s boy band.

“We take safety very seriously, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun with it,” said Amy Power, Marketing Manager for Rohit Communities, “we’re committed to safe work sites and it was incredible to see our team step up and outside their comfort zone to drive that point home.”

The launch was well received; the upper room at MKT was filled with laughter during the video and vendors and trades couldn’t wait to watch it again. It reinforced Rohit Communities’ approach to safety – positivity and fun. Traditional safety programs focus on disciplining safety infractions; this program takes the opposite approach by highlighting and reinforcing safe work practices.  Those “caught working safe” are entered to win a variety of prizes, including a $2000 grand prize.

“Launching this video with our vendors and trades has strengthened the safety culture amongst our external partners, vendors, contractors, and our own staff,” said Mike Smith, Safety Advisor for Rohit Communities, “You can communicate the importance of safety in a memorable way without losing the message. The practice of safety impacts all of us: people are less likely to get injured, families get to enjoy their health at home, and there is less stress in our work and personal lives. This is bigger than adhering to safety standards.”

Watch the Rohit Safety Video here.

Caught Working Safe Music Video Stars

About Rohit Communities:

Rohit Communities is the foundation of Rohit Group of Companies, a diversified real estate organization in Western Canada. Rohit Communities is a leader in home building due to efficient use of space and attention to architectural design. Rohit has received multiple awards at the local, provincial and national levels, including winning Edmonton’s Home Builder of the Year four times.

In 2015, Rohit Communities expanded into the Regina and Calgary markets, and will bring their first projects to fruition later this year. Rohit’s commitment to building innovation is evidenced by their award-winning duplexes and townhomes.



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