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The Most Wonderful Time of the Summer!

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The Fact is Edmonton Fun.

I love Edmonton. It is one of my favourite places to be for a number of reasons… and right now, the middle of July, there are so many great things to enjoy! Edmonton is known for its festivals and events throughout the summer. (Thankfully we are also embracing our winter charm… but let’s forget that until October.) So, how are you making the most of your summer in Edmonton?

Free (or Nearly Free) Things to Do!

  1. The River Valley
    Fact: There are over 7,400 hectares of AMAZING park space in our river valley with 22 major parks and over 150 km of trails!
    What to do?: Biking, walking, running, birdwatching, Pokemon GO! There are parts of the river valley that look like you are in some mountainous place, far away… yet it is in our very own “backyard”. There are also geo-caches you can find. We promise there is an app for that.
  2. Spray Parks
    Fact: Free water fun! Some have City of Edmonton staff that are there to ensure there is fun for the whole family.
    What to do?: Pack some sunscreen, snacks, towels, and maybe a frisbee! These parks are vibrant, a great gathering area to meet new people, and lots of fun!
  3. Sunny Summer Fair – July 24, 2016
    Fact:  Old-fashioned country fairs are fun AND you can learn something interesting about Alberta’s history!
    What happens here?: Old fashioned games, contests, and prizes for all ages!
    Where? Rutherford House, 11153 Saskatchewan Drive
  4. Servus Heritage Festivals (previously known as Heritage Days)
    Fact: We are an amazingly diverse city! This festival showcases some of the heritages and cultures that are in Edmonton. There are free performances throughout the grounds. Tickets for food do have a charge.
    What happens here?: An expression of human awesome-ness! There are historical tid-bits, live performances, music, aromatic foods, and liveliness!

Pay to Play (or Enjoy)!

  1. FolkFest
    Fact: People travel the world to see this festival. Outdoor music on multiple stages fill Gallagher Park August 4-7 this year!
    What to do?: Pack a blanket to sit on and enjoy the warm summer nights filled with amazing folk music talent. Tickets are still available!
  2. Edmonton International Fringe Theatre Festival
    Fact: Acts from across the world and from local talent! There are busking-style performances and ticketed performances. There is a kids area and KidsFringe too! And of course great street food!
    What to do?: Pick your show a la carte! Tickets can be purchased online or in-person.
  3. Canoe!
    Canoeing down the river is amazing – and we have guides in Edmonton who can take you!
    Why should you try this?: When is the last time you played on a river in the middle of an urban metropolis? The views are stunning and wild life spotting is so much fun!

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