Love Where You Live - December Maintenance

Topic: Maintenance

Taking care of the home that keeps you and your family safe and warm.

With all the hustle and bustle of the season, it can be easy to forget that your home needs some love as well!

Rohit helps our homeowners by providing monthly reminders about items that might have slipped the to-do list. In case you are not a Rohit Homeowner yet… we thought we would share our recommendations! So, in between shoveling snow, staying warm, and wrapping gifts, here are some items your home needs this month.

Clean or Replace Range Hood Filters

range hoodThere is a reason a range hood has a filter. If you haven’t changed yours yet, take a look and you will see why! Range hood filters keep oil and cooking vapours from entering the fan of the range. By replacing the range filter on a scheduled basis, you are ensuring that your range hood lasts longer as it won’t be overworked. For most range hoods, filters replacement is recommended every 6 months, but can vary depending on usage. Make sure to double check the recommendations for your range – use Google to look up your specific model or check the owner’s manual.





Clean or Replace Your Furnace Filter

furnace filtersFurnaces are their most efficient and provide you with the cleanest and best air when you regularly change your furnace filter. Be sure to check what kind of filter your furnace manufacturer recommends. Using an improper filter can actually cause damage! How? If the size or type of furnace isn’t the correct one for your system, your furnace can be over worked and its life can be shortened. Most furnaces recommend having filters changed once per month. Double check your owner’s manual to see what is best for your furnace!






Run Water and Flush Toilets

Especially in bathrooms that are less used in your home.

showerheadEver wonder why one of your bathrooms may smell a little strange? Bacteria can grow in the P-traps in unused sinks and showers and water can also evaporate quickly. Alberta is a dry place! By ensuring you run water through your drains, you will prevent any unfortunate smells.





Clean Natural Wood Flooring

December is great time to make sure all the dirt and grime are gone. Road maintenance in Alberta can mean that salt and sand are easily tracked in. Avoid these scratches and damages to your hardwood floor by following the care instructions provided by the manufacturer.

hardwood flooring

By using products that are recommended by the manufacturer, your flooring will be at its best! Wood floor maintenance is provided by your floor manufacturer and usually has two types of recommendations: daily and weekly/monthly.

Daily maintenance can be done by cleaning the floors with a vacuum or dry-mop, a clean microfiber mop works well. Monthly maintenance recommendations include a more complete clean beginning with vacuuming the floor, followed by using your manufacturer’s recommended cleaning product.



Test and reset Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (electrical outlets) and Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters (in your electrical panel).

GFCI outlet
GFCI Outlet

Ensure that all of your electrical is working properly before hosting any guests! Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters are located most often by sources of water, so look for them in your bathrooms and kitchen. When you press the “test” button, it will shut off power leaving the outlet. If the power turns off when you hit the “test” button, your GFCI is working correctly. If this does not happen, please contact an electrician to have your outlet examined. Remember to hit the “reset” button! This will turn the power back on again.




AFCI Circuit BreakerTo test your AFCI, go to your electrical panel and look for the AFCI unit (it is small and will be with the other breakers). When you press the test button, the switch will move half way. This means your AFCI is working. To reset it, move the switch to the off position and then back to the on position.





Well done! Your December maintenance is complete! Now go and enjoy something delicious. You deserve it.

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