Canadian Pride at Rohit Group

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As Canada Day approaches, we at Rohit Communities are reflecting on the many ways our wonderful country has contributed to this company’s success. It is why we feel so strongly about giving back to the communities that have made so many of our dreams possible. In fact, if it weren’t for Canada’s democracy, diversity, and opportunity, the Rohit Group of Companies–founded by Radhe and Krishna Gupta–may not have ever come to be.

The Rohit Group Journey

Radhe Gupta is a man with big aspirations, as evidenced by a general store that be began to manage at the age of 8. After several years of pursuing higher education and working twenty years in the oil and gas industry, both Radhe and his wife, Krishna, found themselves in Libya where they built the foundation of what would be a long and prosperous investment in construction management and land development. While in Libya, Radhe grew his portfolio by buying and managing apartment buildings in North America, and in the early 1980’s decided to finally bite the bullet and moved his family to Edmonton to begin their home building journey in the land of democracy.

Krishna, Radhe, and Rohit Gupta

Thanks to the opportunities that a life in Canada afforded them, Radhe and Krishna were able to turn their big dreams and bold ideas into a reality. In 1986 they founded Rohit Group together in Edmonton, Alberta.

Being a part of Canada’s diverse and welcoming culture has influenced many of the business decisions that Rohit Group has made over its 30 years in business. Democracy, choice, progress, and the betterment of our community is at the root of what we do.

Homes Inspired by Diversity

We feel that a home should be so much more than just a few walls to keep you warm at night. It should be a representation of your culture, style, and personality. It should enable the type of lifestyle you want, whether that’s a boisterous household full of family members or a quiet space to call your own. With home buyers across Edmonton, Regina, Calgary, and Fort McMurray, all with different values, tastes, and cultures, Rohit strives to offer homes that suit your lifestyle.


Radhe and Krishna celebrating Diwali in Edmonton

The Democratization of Style. One Home at a Time.

At Rohit Communities, we believe that everyone deserves a home they love. Inspired by Canada’s democratic principles, we aim to create a home buying experience that emphasizes choice, quality, and affordability, allowing everyone to live in style whilst adhering to their culture.

We spent months listening to what our customers wanted and what was missing from the home buying market. We found that home buyers were tired of the boring beige homes that saturated the market and wanted options that truly reflected their personal style. We got to work creating 6 new completely unique design boards so we could bring them the choice they wanted.

These custom-looking homes were designed by a team of experts who researched and sourced the perfect elements to create home designs that reflect different personalities, lifestyles, and global and local trends.

Canadian Pride - The Democratization of Style
The Democratization of Style


This Canada Day, we want to say thank you to all the people who have welcomed us, supported us, and given us the opportunity to do what we love. We are lucky to live and work in a country that provides freedom of choice, endless opportunity, and true diversity.

Happy Canada Day! 

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