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Live the "Suite" Life with a Secondary Suite

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What is a Secondary Suite?

Or better yet, what isn’t a secondary suite! A secondary suite is exactly as it’s spelled: it’s a second “suite” or “home” within your home. Complete with its own kitchen, one to three bedrooms, bathroom(s), and a central living space, enjoy the benefits of two Rohit homes built into one! You can’t get better than that.  

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Three Reasons to Build a Secondary Suite  

Why not? Big space means big things, and the benefits of secondary suites are huge!   

1. Built for Multi-Generational Living

Need space for mom and dad? How about extra space for your adult “kids” who have very clearly overstayed their welcome? Say “hello” to the perks of a secondary suite! Use this extra space to house close relatives, extended family, or friends, all away from the comfort and quiet of the rest of your home-sweet-home.  

2. Secondary Suite = Secondary Income

And who doesn’t love a little extra cash (or a lot!)? Use your secondary suite as a rental unit. The supplementary income generated from renting can contribute towards your monthly mortgage payments, meaning lower average payments for you! We’re not kidding; see our charts below.

Secondary suites mortgage comparison
*These calculations are examples only and some assumptions were made. Please contact your sales person and mortgage specialist for more information.

3. Get Paid to Build!

Everyone is rooting for you, even the city! Secondary suite developments are eligible for up to $20,000 through the City of Edmonton Cornerstone II Grant. Some restrictions do apply.    

Live the Suite Life Yourself!

Having a secondary suite is more achievable than you thought, isn’t it? Checkout our Georgia, Grenada, Heathrow, Kolkata, Milano, and Naples floor plans to see the various secondary suite options available to you!

Download our “Live the Suite Life” brochure to learn more.

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Looking for your new home with a secondary suite? Be sure to check out our showhomes and quick possession homes in a community near you. 

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