Say "YES Condo Fees"!

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You’ve seen the ads before; large images of attached homes with even larger font that say’s “No Condo Fees!” – so why are we being contrarian and embracing the condo fee? It’s simple, condo fees allow for quality home ownership at exceptional value. Not only do they protect your biggest investment, but they increase your quality of life and allow you to live a maintenance free lifestyle. It’s time to throw your arms up in the air and say YES Condo Fees!

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should say “YES Condo Fees”:

  1. Maintenance free living.

No more shoveling snow, mowing the lawn, or chasing after the garbage truck, not to mention the fact that vacations and getaways are a breeze with lock-and-leave convenience.

  1. Insurance. You’re covered!

In “no condo fee” homes you’re responsible for the cost of insuring your entire house, including the exterior. With Rohit Communities, insuring the exterior is included in your monthly condo fees meaning your monthly insurance bill can be much lower.

  1. Your house looks great!

Condo fees help to establish a condo board which can help keep your property value high. Stipulations set by the condo board will ensure your crazy neighbors don’t install a gaudy pink-felt door, or tin shingles. The condo board works to maintain and enhance the look and feel of your community which help maintain the value of your property.

  1. A “Special Assessment” is actually in your best interest!

In the end, you’re an owner of a shared dwelling – meaning everyone in the building has a vested interest in keeping the structural integrity of the townhome intact. Special Assessments are done if the condo community has an important item or issue that needs to be addressed; for example, if (knock on wood) a natural disaster occurs and a special assessment is completed, a portion of your condo fee payments will help offset the bill!

  1. You can say how the money is used!

Ever heard condo owners talking about their condo fees skyrocketing? High condo fees are a sign of poor money management. The good news is that the team responsible for fee decisions are the condo board, made up of owners just like you. No one is profiting from these fees and the best way to have a say in how much you pay is to join the board. Inflation happens, but having a great board helps to keep expenses in check.

For more information, check out this handy document which outlines how condo fees can save up to 38% on your monthly expenses.

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