Be bold and wow everyone who steps into your home with a Designer Interior™ that is as eye-catching as it is you.

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This particular Designer Interior™ embodies these design choices:

• Bold
• Chic
• High impact
• Visceral
• Fashion
• Stylish
• Elevated
• Innovative

**Disclaimer: Renderings for Illustrative Purposes** The renderings displayed on our website are intended for illustrative purposes only. Please be aware that the final product may vary in appearance from the rendered images and are subject to change without notice.

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designed By Louis Duncan-He

An award-winning designer born in Shanghai but based in Calgary, Louis Duncan-He has overthought all the design elements so that you don’t have to.

Louis has established himself as a trusted visionary designer who has created home interiors that not only reflects the personality of those living in them, but inspires, engages and uplifts them as well.

His approach to design is a fluid one, that brings elements together, creating an environment that is elegant, but relaxed, architectural, yet organic. And now, he is bringing that expertise to Rohit Communities.

Louis has notably been featured in:

Coveted Magazine’s +100 Top International Interior Designers (2020)

Avenues Magazine’s  Top 40 under 40 (2019)

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our new Designer Interiorsᵀᴹ

Fully-curated and bringing an unparalleled level of style to your home.

Haute Contemporary Background
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Haute Contemporary Background
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