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Tips on How to Maximize Your Home Sale

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With mortgage rates dropping and various programs being launched by the federal and provincial governments to aid homebuyers, Now is the right time to buy your magazine-worthy Rohit home! Are you a first time homebuyer, or perhaps looking to upsize or downsize from your current home? If so we at Rohit have designer homes to match your taste and lifestyle!

Brin Werrett, our realtor partner from Royal LePage in Regina shares some quick tips for those who want to sell their existing home in order to purchase a Rohit designer home of their choice!

“In this market, you have to put your best foot forward on all three levels (the three P’s). What are the three P’s? It’s easy. Price, Presentation and Placement.


The asking price of your home is the MOST important factor in your marketing plan to sell your home.  Many sellers make the mistake of not starting on the right foot. They say, “we can always go down, but can’t go up” and want to test the market with a high price on their home. Usually, all they accomplish is wasting the first few weeks and fail making that initial splash on the market. Most buyers are reviewing new listings and if it doesn’t hit the mark, they move on and likely forget about your home. A price reduction later has much less impact than starting at the right price to begin with. 


With so many choices, buyers are looking for close to perfect. First you must get their attention. De-cluttering, neutral colors and professional photos are an important step to get them to your home, but the trick is to make it easy for them to make an offer once they are there. Those sellers who can eliminate as many projects as possible for the new owner are seeing some success. A home that has less “need to fix” projects makes it easier for a buyer to just move in and make it their own. I’ve sold many homes that are cosmetically outdated but well maintained and taken care of. These homes often sell better than a home with new flooring and bathrooms but old shingles, furnace, electrical etc. It’s those big items that a buyer will have to budget for sooner vs. later and will take that into consideration with their offer. Or, even more likely, they will keep looking for a home that already has those features.


Real estate marketing has changed. It’s no longer about advertising your home in different media such as print and radio in hopes of finding a buyer. Buyers are already looking, and the majority are shopping online at and in a market with a lot of inventory, they are also likely working with a REALTOR® to help them find their home. The best path to a sale is to take advantage of the systems already in place or consult with a real estate agent to list your home. If your home is on MLS®, a buyer will find you. It’s just a matter of following the steps above to push for a showing, and hopefully an offer. 

Best of luck with your big move!”

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