Yard Maintenance - protecting your investment for the winter

Yard Maintenance – protecting your investment for the winter

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The winter is about to set in and it’s time to prepare the landscaping including grass, shrubs and trees, to brace the snowfall and extreme weather of the prairies. Here are some tips for maintenance of your yard and protecting your investment this winter…

Mow and fertilize your lawn

As the weather begins to cool, your lawn begins to grow more slowly, sending more nutrient reserves down towards the roots.  When the nights are getting cooler, mow your lawn approximately once per month, keeping it short for the impending snow.

On the prairies, it is a good idea to add some fertilizer before snowfall. This will give your grass some additional nutrients to store and use in the spring. Lawns which are fertilized before snowfalls should spring to life thicker and greener than those which are not fertilized. 

Cover small bushes

Smaller bushes may require some protection if you live in an area which experiences heavy snow fall. Buy some burlap wrapping and ensure the bushes are wrapped loosely to avoid crushing the plant.

Water trees

Every fall, it is a good idea to give trees a thorough watering to protect the roots from the harsh winter climates while ensuring it still receives that much needed moisture until then.

Protect your smaller trees

To prevent, or you may have already noticed areas which are missing patches of bark, caused most likely by the wild hares, the following methods will help minimize such permanent damages. Loosely wrap the trunks with chicken wire or you can rub on pepper oils which are readily available at your local gardening shops

Seal that driveway!

If you didn’t get it done in the summer, do it now if its past the 28 days of being poured! Many driveway sealant products recommend certain temperature guidelines, so check those out.

Using a concrete or asphalt sealant will protect your driving surface from salt and gravel, which routinely build up on vehicles over the course of the winter. Salt can create pits along your driving surface, which is an eyesore, along with a costly repair.  

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