The Nordic countries have a strong sense of style. The mid-century designs, modern layouts and iconic furniture of modern Nordic style, were the inspiration for the New Nordic Designer Interior. The New Nordic style draws on the tranquil tones of Scandinavia, highlighting a snow-white background with the soft textures and wood grains of the natural landscapes that are never far away. The result is a pleasingly minimal interior with the perfect amount of dramatic accents, warmth and intrigue.

Key Elements

The New Nordic home features classic Scandinavian elements. White walls and upper cabinets open up the space and make it feel bright even during the darkest of winter months. Black fixtures draw the eye while maintaining a neutral, soothing palette. Woodgrain elements and white oak flooring tie the look together and add a warm touch. This simple design leaves the door open for you to add your personal touches and style.

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The details come standard so that you can have a home you love at an attainable price. Every element of our Designer Interiors is professionally curated and inspired by global design trends that are taken straight from the pages of a magazine.

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